Need a Cause To Get Behind?

Polls show that over 70% of Americans agree with over 97% of the climate experts that global warming and climate change (GW/CC) is starting to happen. And it will likely be devastating for all life on this planet in the not so distance future. But we are doing very little to combat it. Changes in how we operate and think are needed.

We may not like the idea of forced change, but it is going to happen whether we like it or not, due to GW/CC. All we can do is to try to steer those changes in a direction that we can live with.

Elections are coming up. We can start going that new direction by getting the attention of our governmental representatives and let them know we, the voters, are the real boss. At a minimum we need to make sure the self-serving GW/CC-denying politicians do not completely take over our government. As of 2015 the US Senate and House were both controlled by them. The President was all that stood between them and an undoing of the few environmental protections already in place. We need to elect pro-environment candidates to office, and/or get the incumbents to support GW/CC remedies.

It doesn’t matter so much which party we favor, the GW/CC issue is not a battle between political parties, it is a battle between the greedy fossil fuel interests who have “bought” political favor, and the rest of us. They want us to continue burning the CO2 producing fossil fuels that are causing the GW/CC problem, so they can get richer, even though they know it is ruining our environment.

Or, we could just let GW/CC happen and then try to live with the result. The Earth has already experienced environmental degradation from it. The oceans are already losing productivity due to CO2 caused acidity. People are already suffering and fighting due to drought and flooding from extreme weather, caused in part by GW/CC. Those kind of catastrophes are going to spread everywhere, and things will get tremendously worse for everybody, including us. Are we just going to sit back and let it happen without trying to stop it, just party-on until all hell breaks loose?

Please seriously consider what is being said here. We have plenty to gain if we start right away trying to fix the GW/CC problem, and nearly everything to lose if we do nothing. We can fix the problem if we want to bad enough. Lets get on with it.


via Daily Prompt: Breakthrough