One of the Advantages of Renewable Energy

There are many obvious good reasons for transitioning to renewable energy, which may be our only hope of avoiding the worst effects of global warming/climate change, but I think one is particularly important:

That would be because there are too many stupid, lazy, and/or selfish people who do not want to stop with their fossil fuel binge for some “obscure” concern about the future of life on our planet. The only reason good enough for their stopping with fossil fuels is if something “better” comes along that allows them to live even more extravagantly. In other words we tend to be greedy and always want “more, more, more”, never less.

However implementing renewable energy technology in lieu of fossil fuels has the potential to make things so much better that even the greedy will prefer it.

So we need to go full-blast on developing and deploying renewable energy technologies, to get the greedy on-board too.

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